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Integrative Therapist

Sylviane will take you on a non-traditional course of treatment using the latest musculoskeletal techniques, neuro-developmental rehabilitation principles, as well as psychological interventions. This method yields remarkable results for people who need to overcome persistent musculoskeletal and nerve pain, and the underlying psychological stress and traumas that may act as barriers to healing. Inspiring and motivating, she will help you overcome these challenges, regain control of your body and mind, and celebrate with high-fives and victory dances.

Sylviane James 

How we can work together 

The nervous system establishes programs that control human posture and movement patterns  They are largely established during the first critical years of life. With Chronic pain, these programs have become dysfunctional either because of unresolved injuries, faulty training, bad postural habits or because of past trauma and stress.
This new assessment and rehabilitation approach invites both physical and psychological interventions


Integrative Postural Therapy

Chronic Musculoskeletal pains
Spine and Discs issues 
Persistent Hip joint pain
Nerve pain
Hypnotherapy photo.jpg

RTT™ - Clinical Hypnotherapy
(Rapid Transformation Therapy)

Therapy Session


If you are looking to jumpstart a new chapter in your life - gain clarity and elevate your Mind.  This intuitive and healing  Coaching helps you inquire into your perceptions, your limitations and your strengths... level up and improve various aspects of your personal and professional life.

Coaching is offered for a minimum of three months, weekly or by-weekly.

Sylviane has been described as

"The Woman who can take the thorn out of the lion's paw"

Sylviane brings 30 years of experience in Mind-Body Integration

Whether you want to heal chronic physical pains or psychological traumas and limiting beliefs, Sylviane's got you covered. 


Meet Sylviane, a Mind-Body expert with 30 years of experience in Postural Therapy, Neuromuscular Skeletal Therapy, Rehabilitation, Orthopaedic massage, Clinical Hypnotherapy, RTT™ Therapy, Self-development and Mindset Coaching.  She is also a Senior Yoga Teacher and Intuitive Healer.  Her psychosomatic healing model has delivered remarkable results, making her one of the best Therapists for High-impact Chronic Back and Hip Pain in Australia and Overseas. Sylviane has worked with Michael Jackson's Team and Dancers, High-performance athletes and World champions, UN delegates, Doctors, and Professors, and she can help you with both Chronic pain and the underlying psychological issues that can act as a barrier to healing. Trust Sylviane to help you regain confidence and control in Body and Mind.

What People Say 



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Yolande healing mp4

Yolande healing mp4

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A True Holistic  approach - Claire

A True Holistic approach - Claire

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Miles "she is just phenomenal"

Miles "she is just phenomenal"

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Eliah 15 years bent in half

Eliah 15 years bent in half

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Sylviane offers an Integrative approach that takes a patient on

a non-traditional course of treatment

using the latest Physical Therapy and rehabilitation techniques 

together with Psychological and Psychosomatic interventions

What is stopping you from healing?

When Science tells us that there is no identifiable cause for chronic Pain 

It does not mean

 it is impossible to identify the cause 

It means

That we haven't been able to figure it out within the current

health paradigm and its associated level of Mind  

Life has a way towards Healing!

All living organisms will spontaneously reorganise themselves towards Health and Wholeness

when enough of the right kind of information becomes available

across all of our human dimensions




My Job!


is to make sure you Access, Understand and Process

this information so you can Heal

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