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 The Biomechanics of beliefs™ 

Integrative  Therapy

Neuro-Musculoskeletal and Psychosocial Interventions 

The latest in body-mind-centred treatment 
for persistent back, joint and nerve pain and its underlying stress & and trauma  

"[...] Chronic pain is one of the most pervasive, misunderstood and under-serviced health issue in the world today"

 (WHO, world health organisation)

What is stopping you from healing?

When Science tells us that there is no identifiable cause for chronic Pain 

It does not mean

That it is impossible to identify the cause 

It means

That we haven't been able to figure it out within the current

health paradigm and its associated level of Mind  


"The Body and the Mind are inevitably connected.
Physical and Psychosocial
 interventions allow us to untangle unconscious Postural behaviours and limiting beliefs that are key barriers to healing"
Sylviane James

Our Body is designed to create muscle tension as a reflex reaction to Physical and Psychological stress

Our body is designed to create muscle tension as a reflex reaction to stress and threatening situations, whether the source of stress is physical or psychological. This short-term response is a protective mechanism steered by the ANS ( autonomic nervous system). It triggers physical reactions we all know as the "fight-flight or freeze" response in an attempt to resolve the threat. In doing so, it uses the accumulated tension or energy and relaxes the muscular system... We can now move on with our lives. 

But what if the stress or threat is not resolved?

Constant physical or psychological stressors keep the muscular system stuck in the "fight, flight or freeze" mode and affect its functions. 

Chronic back, joints, discs and nerve pain are part of a greater story many therapists and doctors often overlook.

Stressors such as unresolved injuries, faulty training, health issues, Post surgery issues but also psychological and social stress, and past trauma provoke long-term pain, unwanted feelings or intolerable sensations and experiences that translate into chronic muscle imbalances and eventually postural dysfunctions, spine, joints and nerve issues.

These chronic conditions in turn amplify psychological stress. 


Integrative Therapies are body and mind interventions that can untangle the unconscious physical and psychological behaviours that are key barriers to healing. 

Body, Mind and Environment 
are all concerned!
It is the trilogy of all human experiences

The scientific progress of 
integrative medicine and
psychosomatic physical therapy

in the hands of an expert
means that we can

  assess and unravel persistent postural and neuromuscular skeletal dysfunctions encoded by years of unconscious physical and psychological stress patterns 

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Chronic Pain is a different beast altogether

"We need to look at the entire being experiencing pain

rather than just the pain experienced by that person"

Sylviane James

"I wanted my patients to understand that persistent or recurring physical complaints are often intertwined with psychological factors. That's why I've developed Integrative Postural Therapy, a comprehensive approach that combines the benefits of neuromuscular skeletal and postural therapy with social and psychological interventions" Sylviane James

Life has a way towards Healing!

All living organisms will spontaneously reorganise themselves towards Health and Wholeness

when enough of the right kind of information becomes available

across all of our human dimensions




My Job!

is to make sure you Access, Understand and Process

this information so you can Heal

How we can work Together

Sylviane offers an Integrative approach that takes a patient on

a non-traditional course of treatment

using the latest techniques from conventional medicine together with holistic interventions

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* Transformative Postural Therapy

* Clinical Hypnotherapy RTT™

* Life Coaching

having your own dedicated coach by your side, guiding you through the journey of healing from the Physical, Emotional and Psychological problems that have highjacked your life for so long is Invaluable.  A true Mind-Body approach means that you can choose either the Body or the Mind as an "Entry Point" into your healing journey. We can start with bad Postural habits, faulty training, or address low self esteem, depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, toxic relationships...

You don't have to decide alone. Book a free discovery call

Online consultations or

Face to face available in Sydney 


Training Program

The Biomechanics of Beliefs™

We are launching this powerful training program soon!


We are training Yoga Teachers, Therapists and equivalent who are ready to advance their skills and learn the latest in Chronic neuromuscular skeletal, postural and psychosomatic Therapy.


Many Doctors and Health practitioners are relying on yoga and physical therapists to ease chronic pain, yet many aren't ready to face the reality of such a complex issue. 


This is an Advanced course and you can expect powerful breakthroughs and all the tools to build a successful Therapeutic Practice with the impact and revenue to match


"Inner Circle" Membership

This powerful membership is for you, if you want to meet like minded YogaTeachers, Therapists and their students. 

Gain new insights, new tools, so you can significantly help your students in class and your patients in your one-on-one Therapy sessions.  ! 

This powerful membership offers

*Free Live monthly Masterclass

*Free Live Monthly Q&A

*Case Studies workshops

*Group Hypnotherapy

*Library of free resources,

*Pre recorded audio and courses

*Member-only Discounts for  1-1 online consultations with Sylviane

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Meet Sylviane

She brings 30 years of experience in Mind-Body Integration

Neuromuscular Skeletal Therapy & Rehabilitation 

Integrative Postural Therapy

Orthopaedic massage 

Licensed Clinical Hypnotherapy

Life Coaching & Counselling

Senior Yoga Teacher & Mentor


Sylviane has been described as 


"The Woman who can take the thorn out of the lion's paw"

Sylviane has established her reputation as one of the best Therapists and Healers for High-impact Chronic neuromuscular skeletal Pain in Australia and Overseas. She has worked with the best in the world and her clients include Michael Jackson's Team and dancers, High-performance athletes and World champions, UN delegates, Doctors and Professors and People all over the world.   Whether you want to heal chronic physical pains or psychological traumas and limiting beliefs, Sylviane's got you covered. As a Mind-Body expert with 30 years of experience and trained by the best in the world, her psychosomatic healing model has ripped remarkable results. 

Read Sylviane extraordinary story


"Most of my clients have been seeking real results, that do not involve months or even years of Therapy! They want an approach that is profoundly transformative"

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Plus when you join our email list, you get access to specials deals exclusive to our subscribers.

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