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Welcome To 10 days of Transformational Training in Beautiful Bali + 6 months online coaching

"I chose Bali for this special training because changing the way you heal people demands also a personal transformation. What better place than serene Bali, where spirituality and kindness fill the air?  I have lived in the "true" Bali for 4 years with a family of 14 amazing people and I want this training to be not just about knowledge but also a transformative and exhilarating experience where powerful realisations allow for progress in yourself and in your career" Sylviane james

Ongoing Professional Development for
Experienced Yoga Teachers, Physical Therapists & Health professionals 

Training details

Young woman in white tunic in front of a traditional house in Bali

Live Training
In Beautiful BALI

(venue and dates TBA)

Immerse yourself in 10 days of intensive training, a serene environment, and exhilarating and transformative experiences

  Stay tuned!



  • E-learning platform with Support for 6 months following the Live training.

  • An extra 6 months FREE if you pay in full 

  • Monthly Masterclasses & and Q&A sessions with Sylviane       

  • Access to resources and videos to support your journey

  • Online Community

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Resources Library

​To support your training you will have access to Videos, short courses, and more


 1 x Powerful group hypnotherapy at the retreat

An extra 6 months of free online support with Sylviane for students who pay in full 

The Biomechanics of Beliefs™


An Integrative Postural Therapy Training

created and run by sylviane James 



Stage 1 Live Training

Immerse yourself in a 10-day Intensive Training


In Beautiful BALI 

(venues and Dates to be advised)


You will participate in highly innovative Training

Due to the hands-on nature of this course, class size is limited to ensure a very high-quality educational experience. Your patients deserve the best!

Your curriculum at a glance

Education Philosophy

Sound Techniques and protocols for assessing and treating postural misalignment and instability are essential if we want to succeed in the treatment of neuromuscular skeletal pains ( muscles, discs joints and nerve pains)  


Postural and Structural Assessment accuracy will determine the efficiency of your Treatment


Principles of MET to help relief muscle tension.

Stability exercises

The breath-core strength relationship is one of the most powerful techniques for stabilising postural alignment of the spine, hips and shoulders and promoting smooth and efficient mobility of the lower and upper limbs as well as cranial positioning 

Psychosocial Interventions

Most chronic postural dysfunctions either interfere with the psychosocial life of the patients or/and are caused by psychosocial stress and past trauma.




By the end of this course, participants will be familiar with

1. The Biomechanics of the Human Posture through the Lens of Life Evolution

2. Pain and its role in the evolution of Life

3.  Postural alignment and its incidence on persistent and recurring neuromuscular skeletal pain

  • The main Postural landmarks

  • The body's Range of Movements - ROM

  • The interrelations of the muscles, spine and joints

  • Global versus Postural muscles

  • Muscle Imbalances and their causes: physical, psychological and social

  • Muscle amnesia and Neuromuscular firing patterns

4. The role of the Stress response

  • The Window of Tolerance in Psychology 

  • The somatic response

5. The 4 most common Postural Dysfunctions

  • The underlying psychosocial barriers to a successful treatment

  • Incidence on the breath

  • Incidence on Wear and Tear - Inflammation - joints, discs and nerve issues

6. Psychological Interventions

  • The Art of Interviewing

  • Healing Strategies

7. Developmental Kinesiology (Rehabilitation and postural stabilisation exercises)

       *Breath and Core and IAP (Intra Abdominal Pressure)

       *Stabilising Exercise Sequence- developmental kinesiology refer the the encoded movement patterns developped between birth and 18 months old





  • Ability to assess postural dysfunctions  

  • Palpate basic Postural landmarks of the lower and upper body

  • Evaluate the Lower body for asymmetry and hypo-mobility

  • Evaluate the Upper body for asymmetry and hypo-mobility

  • Identify the connection between postural  dysfunction and underlying stress patterns 

  • Explain the main human needs

  • Can identify the main limiting beliefs acting as barriers to healing

  • Can heighten patient's awareness of the physical and psychosocial connection during assessment 

  • Perform basic Muscle Energy Techniques for the Pelvis, Sacrum, Spine, Shoulders 

  • 1. Clearing the hips

  • 2. Clearing the spine

  • 3. Type 1 thoracic

  • 4. Type 1 shoulder and neck

  • 5. Firing muscles

  • Design the appropriate Postural rehabilitation sequence

  • Provide firing pattern exercises if necessary

  • Teach Breath/core exercise and other fundamental postural stabilising exercises ​

  • Offer Lifestyle guidance psychological support, balancing psycho and somatic techniques, 

  • Can fill up the Intake form and analyse it


By the end of this course

Your mindset, your worldview, your understanding of Life and your place in it will be altered and upgraded. You will develop goals and visions for your life and your business that you didn't even know were possible before. Your imagination and confidence are expanded via the highest levels of thinking and collaboration. A powerful group hypnotherapy session will break through your limiting beliefs to ensure this extraordinary training is…extraordinary!





Stage 2 6 months Online Training


  • E-learning platform with Support for 6 months following the Live training (Extra 6 months available on request) 
  • Two online live coaching sessions with sylviane: 1 Masterclass + 1 Q&A session

This is where we consolidate what you learned during the live training

  • Online Case studies and Exercises

  • Access to resources and Training videos to support your journey

  • Online Community


Certification: Transformative Physical Therapy ® - “The biomechanics of Beliefs™




1 x Powerful group hypnotherapy at the retreat

Intake forms: Step by step Physical and Psychological assessments 

Discount for the online consult business: online self-assessment program- intake form - videos - postural analysis app (Free version)


Possibility to extend the online support for a further 6 months for students who cannot finish the course within the initial 6 months. Certification is delivered at the end of the chosen time of training.



USD 5300 

AUD 8200

(for other currencies, please contact us so you can save on conversion fees)


11-Day Immersion and Training Retreat in Bali + 6 months online coaching E platform (Extra 6 months on request or free for Early Birds).


You will immerse yourself in the majestic stillness of Centre Bali and be captivated by the spirit and culture of this fascinating island.



  • Yoga, meditation, relaxation and mindfulness sessions

  • Internationally acclaimed Training leader and group facilitator Sylviane James

  • 10 Nights of traditional Balinese-style resort accommodation


  • Special  Balinese ceremony 

  • Traditional food experience

  • Massage

  • Sound Healing



Price includes accommodation and some meals - Airfares and Travel expenses are not included and are at the charge of the participants

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.

Choice of rooms: availability of single or double rooms will be sent to you as soon as we lock in the number of participants. The price might be adjusted accordingly if applicable

Single Supplement $US1342 per person (single room), might be adjusted down or up


Payment options:
Full payment
in Advance gives you access to a further 6 months of online coaching with Sylviane for free and a 5% discount

Deposit: 30% Deposit to secure your spot at least 3 months before the retreat

 If you change your mind 50% will be refundable before 3 months and 2 months before the retreat and non refundable from 2 months prior to the retreat commencing date

The remaining payment: is due 2 months before the retreat and is refundable 50% until 1 month before the retreat - from 1 month prior to the retreat, payment is non-refundable

In case you need a refund, we will always endeavour to help you and you may be able to transfer your deposit to a future retreat or have a student replace you.



Terms and Conditions


  • You will receive a questionnaire so you can tell us more about you

  • It is important to train students with equivalent levels of knowledge and experience.
  • Several retreats per year are on offer and We will offer the retreat that is the best fit for you.

  • You will then have a discovery call with Sylviane to make sure you know what we have in store for you

Then, the adventure begins!

We look forward to meeting you

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