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Welcome to Sylviane's
Inner circle

A Powerful Membership designed To bring Together Patients, and the people who want to help them

Are you super curious about Chronic NMS* pain and

why people don't heal?

Whether you suffer from unresolved NMS* pain, or you need to take your Therapeutic skills to another level this membership is both for the people in pain and for those who want to help them.

"I believe Patients and Therapists can learn a lot from each other,

this membership is powerful because we are in direct contact with each other.

I have learned the most from my patients" sylviane James

* Neuromuscular-skeletal


-Join today-
and dive into one of the most sought-after
chronic neuromuscular skeletal pain Therapy 


with the master herself  

The  Live masterclasses deliver powerful and ground-breaking insights and tools in Transformational, Psychosomatic and Postural interventions for chronic neuromuscular skeletal pains. Sylviane encourages Q&A, discussing case studies and most importantly for Patients and Therapists to communicate openly


Access to free resources,  pre-recorded courses, self-hypnosis audios and more  



10% OFF

1-1 private consultations  with Sylviane for 6 months... read more

"Biomechanics of Beliefs™"

Transformative Postural Therapy® Advanced Training.

Read more

and 10% OFF the full price of our
2024 signature course for Therapists and Yoga Teachers
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Inner Circle

is a place to benefit from one of the best Yoga Teachers there is. With 30 years experience,  an uncommon, finely-tuned, sensory-motor awareness,  an uncanny accuracy in reading peoples' body and underlying mindsets; but more importantly a wealth of experience and a deep understanding in the assessment and treatment of chronic neuromuscular-skeletal pain that is the envy of many run of the mills practitioners and therapists 

You will shift from attending “another” 
to participating in many of your best ever.


You are in the hands of an expert

The reason why most struggle to be successful in healing such a complex health issue is because you haven't been given the right information yet!

When the conventional health system tells us that there is no identifiable cause of Pain​


It does not mean

​That it is impossible to identify the cause of Pain 

It means

​That they haven't been able to figure it out within the current 

Health paradigm and its associated level of Mind  

The reality is

Patients seek alternative solutions
Yoga Teachers and integrative Therapists

are on the front line
of this challenging health issue!

People with unresolved Chornic back pain...etc
Keep turning up at Yoour  door

 You have an important role to play!

Many people with chronic neuromuscular-skeletal Pain, in particular 

unresolved discs, joints and nerve pains  

are sent to Yoga classes and Integrative Therapists so they can benefit from

 mind-body methodologies and safe exercise options 


 Yet despite our best efforts and often unconsciously,

Yoga can aggravate the pain or create new ones!

and alternative Therapies often lack specific Physical and Psychosocial Training for Chronic Pain

It is crucial that Patients and Therapists have access to the most effective

and up-to-date Practices and Therapies available.  


You've got to Admit!

Chronic Pain is a different beast altogether

Finding a solution to this challenging, misunderstood and underserviced

health issue is The Holy grail of modern Physical and Psychological Therapies


The reality is that we won’t solve it  with “magic bullets”,

a surgical intervention, addictive pain killers or years of pre-booked pain management plans! 




is the Ultimate Therapy right?

Dancer with Hoop


“Let’s look at the Person experiencing the pain, not just the pain experienced by that Person”


Sylviane James


"Our Health will always be a balancing act between 

Sylviane James

Leaping Dancer

Our human Posture is more than the alignment


of our spine and joints and the working of our muscles and nerves! 

It is the embodiment of our life stories,

our past traumas, our successes and failures

​We know that a comprehensive approach has considerable influence in the recovery process. 

It includes

The Physical factors where systematic assessment and treatment of the whole posture and its biomechanics is included in the process, rather than just the site of pain.

The Psychological factors and the Social/Environmental contexts. Our Life experiences, past traumas, successes and failures, stress, are all embodied through the nervous system in our muscular and cellular system. 


Portrait grey pink gentle smile_Q7A4639_edited_edited.jpg

What makes sylviane's Inner Circle Membership different

It is the direct contact between the people in pain and the Therapists that makes this Inner circle so Powerful

The patient/therapist relationship is crucial. It is a powerful Healing tool in itself if they understand and trust each other. The patient wants to be heard! The Therapists need to listen and offer tools that are tailored to the uniqueness of their patient's path to recovery

Not only will you find guidance as a patient but also as a Therapist. New skills and resources will help you stay up to date with new techniques and methodologies.


Joining Sylviane's Inner Circle also gives you exclusive access to our  Facebook group, where Patients, Physical Therapists, and Yoga Teachers share their experiences and ask questions.


Join today for a fraction of the price starting at $170/3month


(Get 1 or 3 months free when you choose the 6 or 12-month subscription)




(all prices are in USD)


 Join The Inner Circle now


  • Free powerful monthly masterclasses and Q&A

  • An ever-expanding Library of resources

  • Access to short courses

  • A community platform to network and exchange ideas with like-minded people

And get 10% Off

  • Private consultations with Sylviane for the first 3 months

  • and for our signature professional course: "The biomechanics of beliefs™" 

Choose your pricing plan

  • 6 Months Membership

    Every 6 months
    30% off plus 1 month free

(all prices are in USD, other currencies are available at check out)

 ** I  understand that the subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription period.  I can cancel anytime so that the subscription does not renew at the end of its monthly or yearly plan. I must notify the institute by email at at least 7 days before the end of the subscription period

By becoming a subscriber I  confirm that I have read and agree to the Membership terms and conditions

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