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"[...] Chronic back pain is one of the most pervasive, misunderstood and under-serviced health issue in the world today"

 (WHO - World Health Organisation)

For most,


Back Pain and other neuromuscular skeletal issues are short-term events that subside completely. But for the unlucky patients who have failed all previous treatments, Chronic Pain with its unresolved physical and psychological issues disrupt nearly all aspects of their life. Surgery, addictive pain killers and years of costly pain management are no magic bullets. 

When it comes to healing chronic back, joint or nerve pain, a symptoms-focused approach is not enough...

With the permission of Sylviane's patient. Thank you !

Sylviane James Introduces
Integrative Postural Therapy®


to address persistent back and Hip pain and their muscular-skeletal dysfunctions

“Chronic Pain affects 1.7 billion people worldwide, it doesnt have to be so and can even be prevented "

— Sylviane James —


Chronic pain means postural dysfunctions and faulty biomechanics have now set in... A symptoms-focused approach is not enough anymore. Our Posture is influenced by both our mindset and unresolved physical injuries.   Postural interventions to restore alignment of the spine and joints, muscle balance and sound movement patterns are paramount, but sometimes Psychological interventions are necessary as they can be potent barriers to healing and sometimes are the underlying root cause of the chronic pain in the first place

What People Say About Sylviane



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Yolande healing mp4

Yolande healing mp4

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A True Holistic  approach - Claire

A True Holistic approach - Claire

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Miles "she is just phenomenal"

Miles "she is just phenomenal"

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Eliah 15 years bent in half

Eliah 15 years bent in half

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Any Treatment will always be as good
as the Assessment

Unresolved Chronic Back, Discs, Joint and Nerve pain demands that we become more than Therapists, we have to become Detectives! 


"It's inevitable! 
Body and Mind are connected through the nervous system. Our Posture and Biomechanics tell the story of our past physical injuries, traumas and our past experiences,  successes and failures..."
Sylviane James


Our Body is designed to create muscle tension as a reflex reaction to Physical and Psychological stress

Our body is designed to create muscle tension as a reflex reaction to stress and threatening situations, whether the source of stress is physical or psychological. This short-term response is a protective mechanism steered by the ANS ( autonomic nervous system). It triggers physical reactions we all know as the "fight-flight" response in an attempt to resolve the threat. In doing so, it uses the accumulated tension or energy and relaxes the muscular system... We can now move on with our lives. 

But what if the stress or threat is not resolved?

Unresolved, constant physical or psychological stressors keep the muscular system stuck in the "freeze" mode and affect our body's functions. 

Chronic back, joints, discs and nerve pain are part of a greater story many therapists and doctors often overlook.

Stressors such as unresolved injuries, faulty training, health issues, Post-surgery issues but also constant psychosocial social stress and past trauma provoke unwanted feelings thoughts and beliefs, intolerable sensations and experiences that translate into chronic muscle tension,  postural dysfunctions and eventually spine, joints and nerve issues.

These chronic conditions in turn amplify psychological stress. 

Chronic Pain is a different beast altogether

"We need to look at the entire being experiencing pain

rather than just the pain experienced by that person"

Sylviane James

"I wanted my patients to understand that persistent or recurring physical complaints are often intertwined with psychological factors. That's why I've developed Integrative Postural Therapy, a comprehensive approach that combines the benefits of neuromuscular skeletal and postural therapy with social and psychological interventions" Sylviane James

Integrative Postural Therapy®

This hybrid methodology uses the best and latest in neuromuscular skeletal therapy and biomechanics together with innovative postural interventions and any associated psychological and emotional issues

What to expect


Integrative Postural Therapy helps untangle a lifetime of unconscious physical and psychosocial habits downloaded into protective postural and muscular patterns. It benefits people suffering from persistent back pain, joints, discs and nerve issues.


Face-to-face Consultations 

Sylviane James Chronic Pain Clinic

@ The Roman Method Rehabilitation Centre

Suite 5/210 New South Head road

Edgecliff NSW 2027

- Full Postural and Functional Assessment

- Psychosocial stressors assessment 

- Remedial and orthopaedic massage

- Joints and spine Mobilisation ( no "cracking", i use MET, Muscle Energy Technique)

- Tailored Rehabilitation and Stabilisation Program

- Development kinesiology

- Psychological and mindset coaching intervention

Online consultations 

1. After your Booking, you will be sent a link to an in-depth Self-assessment. This a thorough self-assessment with detailed instructions that you do in the comfort of your home. Submit your results, your past medical reports if applicable, and 4 photos for postural digital screening.

2. Analysis and Report: Sylviane works on your results and analyses your postural dysfunctions.

3. Initial consultation: We go through your results, further tests are conducted and we explore the stress factors that may be a barrier to healing

4. Rehabilitation Program: I design a tailored rehabilitation plan for you offline.

Follow-up online consultations

1. Rehabilitation Program Training: Physical and Psychosocial Interventions: 1 hour online to teach you your rehabilitation exercises. These neuromuscular rehabilitation exercises are very different from what you have been taught. They retrain the brain and the body as one.   You might have to buy a couple of simple equipment if applicable. The way I teach is key, mindfulness and attention to detail are essential. They are powerful sessions and profoundly transformative - 

2. Follow-up consultations (1 hour): We will schedule follow-up consultations regularly so I can guide you throughout the course of your rehabilitation program and progress your exercises when necessary

online consult Woman and an exercise mat in an office background.jpg


Face to Face
Integrative Postural Therapy
New patient 


All Prices are in  AUD

for in person consults

HICAPS available

 Sylviane works in Sydney - Australia

Individual Bookings

Initial Consultation (1 hour) AUD$250 

Follow up Consultation (1 hour) AUD$220


HICAPS claims for Private Health Insurance members

Contact us directly 

to Book a Free discovery call

or Book an appointment 


Online for remote or international patients
Integrative Postural Therapy

 Prices are USD and AUD

 other currencies available at check out 

HICAPS available for Australian residents

This powerful Program

can be done online with the help of

Digital Postural Technology.

Here is what to expect

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Initial Protocol and consultations

 USD485 - AUD750 

1 hr Follow up consultations

USD$150 - AUD$220





Book a free discovery call 

ask for more information

Make a booking


Postural Therapy +
Hypnotherapy Program
face to face or online

 Prices are USD and AUD

 other currencies available at check out 

HICAPS available for Australian residents

It is a two months commitment to reclaim your health and your life 

We will take the time you need within a

2-months window to cover the physical and psychological aspects of your issue.

This is a deeply healing and rewarding adventure into your Body-Mind-Spirit 


A profoundly Liberating experience that will change your Life

Your investment



(Save USD$120- AUD$200)

This Program includes

Integrative Postural Therapy Program


 Clinical Hypnotherapy Program 

(see details)

Not sure yet?

Let's chat, share your thoughts,

or ask for more information

We are here to help!

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