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The Next Nine Years - The most extensive numerology forecast available.


Your personal Numerology Forecast reveals the energy and influences you will encounter each year, preparing you for the unexpected changes life can bring.
Dualities (the impact of overlapping cycles) are also included – unique to Decoz forecasts.

Each year includes:
Your Personal Year describes the external circumstances likely to affect you
Your Transits and Essence cycles identify your mental, emotional, and spiritual state of mind during this period
Dualities merge the impact these different, overlapping cycles have - including what you can do to get the most out of their combined influence
Plus... get a heads up each month with 108 Monthly Forecasts – influences specific to each month during the 9-year period.
Is it a month for bold moves or better spent in quiet reflection? Will you feel energetic or exceptionally emotional?
We often have more control over our circumstances than we think - knowing what lies ahead helps you prepare

Report: 140-150 pages
US $69

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