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Choose Your
Inner Circle

Two Powerful Memberships

to empower you, and support you

You are in the hands of an expert

Bringing you over 30 years of experience 

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Welcome, you're in for a treat!

Two Powerful Inner Circle Memberships


The"Healing" Inner Circle

Is designed for People in Pain and ready to Heal



The "Healers" Inner Circle

Is for the Therapists & Yoga Teachers who want to help them.

 Led by an expert in Psychosomatic Therapies, Senior Yoga Teacher, Rehabilitation expert and specialising in Chronic Neuromuscular Skeletal pain that stem from unresolved

Physical and Psychological Traumas 

Sylviane brings her experience as a both a Therapist and a Patient who healed herself from chronic pain (read her extraordinary story) and helped Transform the lives of many worldwide

Experience the power of our monthly live masterclasses  

Access an ever-expanding Library of free resources, courses, Audios, workshops, Group Therapies and more

Explore your

The Inner Circles are tailored to your needs. 

The "Healing" Inner Circle

for Patients, their friends & families

Are you part of the

600 Million people

still struggling with "unexplained" and unresolved chronic neuromuscular skeletal pain? 


You've seen them all! You've tried everything, You have spent thousands of dollars. It is easy to lose hope but something is telling you:

"Come on! it's the 21st century, we go to Mars, AI is taking over the world, and we eat deconstructed blueberry pies for godsakes! There must be a solution for chronic pain that does not involve surgeries, drugs or years of costly pain management programs.!"


So my friend, if you are still looking for this elusive long-lasting solution that can transform your life,  you owe it to yourself to come and join us in the “Healing” Inner Circle.

The "Healers" Inner Circle

for Therapists and Yoga Teachers

Are you one of those visionary Physical  Therapists or Yoga Teachers who understand that Body-Mind Integration is the future of Health 

You have an Important

Role to Play!

You are on the front line of this challenging global health issue!

Some of the 600 Million people who suffer from unresolved chronic back, joint, and nerve pain keep turning up at Your door! 

This complex and challenging health issue demands a new approach. The truth is an alternative approach from Physical Therapists and the support of Yoga Teachers are in demand when all treatments fail. 

The "Healers" Inner circle gives you access to new insights, 30 years of experience and offers expertise, guidance from an Expert


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