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Body Posture as a Reflection of Psychogenetic Physical Mechanisms & Their Meaning in the Curing Proc

by Marta Polowczyk-Michalska, Ewa Mojs

Clinical Psychology Institute Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poland



The physical body of every human being is a clear copy of his inside world. Frequently repressed emotions and undefined feelings are part of us. The aim of this essay is to introduce an influence of psychogenetics and how it shapes our body posture as well as its meaning in therapy effectiveness.


This essay contains up-to-date information about psychogenetic faults of the posture and mechanisms of its inception, as well as the meaning of the substance of the emotional sphere in healing mechanisms. Many conditions have roots in emotions, the way we think about ourselves and the sur- rounding world. The quality of relations we have with other people has enormous influence on our physical and psychological existence. Most of activity conditions are usually incurable, as traditional medicine treats external symptoms not taking into account psychogenetic factors. This is undoubtedly an increasing social problem all over the world.


In the process of treatment it is important to focus not only on the body but on the mind as well. The reduction of nega- tive psychogenetic stimulations in fl uences the whole process of treatment.

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