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The Wisdom of the Body

I hope it will change the way you look at, perceive, and understand the body.


If this new paradigm has taught us the wonders of the brain, its plasticity, and its creative power in shaping our reality, it has also left the body behind as the “lesser god,” and we have forgotten its wonders and powers.

Everything from psychology, psychiatry, meditation, and neuroscience has put the brain and the mind under serious investigation and proven what wonderful and powerful creative beings we are.

But as I witnessed time and time again, the body gives us access to life’s intelligence and millions of years’ worth of information and secrets. Matter shaped our mind, and mind shaped matter because it is one and the same thing. It is analogous to the never-ending global process of water circulation from clouds to land, ocean, and back to clouds. This cycle is possible courtesy of the sun, and we are the same. That is, our psychological state of mind is affected by our body’s health and freedom, and our body is affected by our ideas, emotions, and beliefs.

I read one day that “our body is made of spiritual tissues.” I can’t imagine it any other way. And when we realize that we can finally claim that there is no separation between the mind and the body, we will realize those wonderful possibilities arise. Simple yet powerful changes in our behaviours and in our relationship can stem from the simple fact that we are human and not machines that need to be fixed

So what does all of this have to do with the wisdom of our body as opposed to the power of the mind alone? Lets go back a little to what it means to have.

If “I” is our primal word to express our most fundamental sense of self, it cannot really explain itself. Have you tried? It can be said that our self of “being” or our sense of self can only be felt… if that is true, then what we become is up to our DNA, holding our inheritance and our life journey with every experience that shapes it.

So when does the mind come into the picture, prior to or after the body? That is both a philosophical and a scientific question in which form (that is, matter and mind or the sense of being and awareness that we exist) have been victims… separated with the mind emerging as the clear winner.

The mind would not even be in question if matter did not embody it. And matter would still exist if we didn’t have a sense of self…

Who is to say that water is superior in its fluid state to its vapour state?

Definition of Mind: the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought

The matter is defined as anything with mass!

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