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Course outline

Gathering information - The “detective” skills

Your treatment is as good as your assessment

● Follow powerful step-by-step protocols to get to the root cause of chronic physical dysfunctions: In-depth Structural and functional assessments to determine joint and spinal misalignment and muscle imbalances

●Dig into your patient’s physical, social and psychological experiences

●Integrate psychosomatic principles: Identify and show your patients how to feel the interplay between their body’s dysfunctions and their Mindset


Translating the information "The Processing skills"

You will learn to think differently

It’s Inevitable!

Our unique human Posture is more than the alignment of our joints, and the working of our nerves and muscles. It is the embodiment of our Life's stories, successes, failures and traumas.

● Untangle a lifetime of unconscious physical and psychological habits downloaded into protective postural and muscular patterns.


● Stick to the facts, and look at them through the lens of life intelligence, the fundamental laws of physics and what it means to be in the human form

●  Integrate psychosomatic principles and learn the language that can help you and your patients identify and feel the interplay between the body’s dysfunction, and its underlying mindset, limiting beliefs and stress factors


Reframing the information

Become a catalyst for healing.

Awareness, education and suggestions are powerful healing tools. We involve the patients at every stage

● Take Muscle Energy Technique to the next level: Learn hands-on postural realignment and emotional release.

● Learn Developmental and Postural stabilising exercises to re-encode fundamental movement patterns.

● Transformation - Identifying and reframing limiting beliefs, imprinting a new mindset and stimulate the body’s cellular change and healing

Step 2 Translating the information
Step 3 Reframing the Information
Step 1 Gathering information
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