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Relaxing at Home

Clinical Hypnotherapy

RTT™ Rapid Transformational Therapy

Make friends with your past
it is kind enough to give you lessons

Rapid Transformational Therapy - RTT™

Mind & Body are inevitably linked and they are spiritual in nature

"Most of my clients have been seeking real results, that do not involve months or even years of Therapy! These are often Talk-Therapy rather than profoundly transformative"

This Powerful ClinicalHypnotherapy method involves powerful but little-understood psychosomatic interactions. Past trauma, internal conflicts or stress are inevitably caught in your body's cellular and muscular-skeletal system. Addressing the mental factors will also free your body.

Please Note: Hypnotherapy is never suitable for conditions including epilepsy, schizophrenia or any paranoid / delusional mental states. Please consult your medical practitioner if you have any questions regarding best treatments for you.

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This incredibly powerful Program

in the hands of an expert

will change your Life!

What is in the way of your Healing?

 What stops you from living the Life
you deserve?

What makes your dreams remain just .... Dreams?


Sylviane is a licenced Clinical Hypnotherapist, a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT™), and a Life coach, combined with 30 years of mind-body experience and intuitive abilities. 

Sylviane has walked your path, climbed similar mountains as yours and has a lifetime of experience and wisdom. She is also clairaudient, and highly intuitive. 

"I will help you free yourself from the limiting beliefs that are hijacking your life, so you can step into the empowered,  confident, successful person you want to become. Together we will identify the unconscious patterns of thinking and the limiting beliefs underlying your physical and psychological pains and sufferings"

 The results are remarkable and Transformative. Sylviane has specialized in trauma with clients from all walks of life: Childhood trauma, addictions, weight loss, relationship issues, career, life purpose, self-esteem, confidence...

Contact me and book a Free discovery call - or submit your Intake Form and we can start the process


What we offer and what to expect

Clinical Hypnotherapy

RTT™ Rapid Transformational Therapy 

Change your life, Transform your limiting beliefs, Heal Trauma, Find your purpose, Achieve Your Dreams, and Be who you are born to be.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy Program

Rapid Transformational Therapy™
It's a One Month Commitment
to yourself 
Self-esteem, fears and phobias, Past Traumas, Relationships, addictions, weight, money, purpose,  chronic pain...
USD720 (AUD 1,100)
Other currencies available to avoid fees

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Hypno-Somatic Therapy Program

Postural Therapy + Hypnotherapy


Transformative Psychosomatic Therapy


It is a 2 months commitment

to changing your life

4 sessions of Postural Therapy 

+ 1 month RTT™ Clinical Hypnotherapy Program

USD1250 Save 10% (AUD 1900 - save $200)
Other currencies available to avoid fees

Step 1. You Submit your Intake Form and we book your Initial Consultation: "Setting you up for success" - A one-hour (+) In-Depth assessment to articulate exactly the issue you wish to address during the Hypnotherapy session. Let's get into what you really want!

Step 2. Your mind-blowing 2-hour 1/2 (+) RTT Hypnotherapy session (We will take the time we need! Your dedication to transforming your life deserves it!)

Step 3. A tailored "imprinting" audio is recorded after your session so you can continue the hypnotherapy work for an additional 21 days minimum (the session might reveal you need to listen for a little longer)  Your commitment is to listen to it every day 

Step 4. Post RTT  This session is booked after you have finished listening to your audio for at least 21 days. We go through your progress and insure you implement your fabulous transformation

If you need more guidance, you will be able to book life coaching sessions at your convenience

Step 1. We will start with the Postural Therapy program 

so we can explore the Physical and some of the psychosomatic aspects of your postural dysfunctions and chronic pains - We will get your body back into alignment so it can start healing itself and you can move again with confidence.


Step 2. Some barriers to healing might be unconscious, so we embark on the powerful RTT™ Clinical hypnotherapy program so we can get to the root cause and free your body, mind and life from the grip of limiting beliefs and past trauma.



** Please note**

  1. International clients
    Our office hours are Monday to Friday, Sydney, Australian Eastern Standard timezone only.
    please email

  2. Sunday appointments are available by pre-arrangement only and will incur a 25% surcharge.
    Please contact to make these appointments directly.

  3. Additional  T&Cs:

All Prices are in USD. Sylviane caters for international clients. If you wish to pay in your currency, the amount is calculated according to the current exchange rate. No extra fees will be added (Pounds, Euros, SGD)

Sundays are available on Request (with 25% Surchage)

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