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Ongoing Professional Development for Yoga Teachers and Therapists 

College Students

Unlock your potential

June 2024 Students Intake

Experience a Transformative Bali retreat combined with 6 months of personalized online coaching. Unlock your potential and become a Chronic pain specialist with the impact and revenue to match.

The Biomechanics of Beliefs™ is an Integrative Postural Therapy program designed to overcome persistent neuromuscular skeletal pain and address underlying psychological barriers to healing.

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 The Biomechanics of Beliefs™

Integrative Postural Therapy®
Healing Chronic
neuromuscular skeletal pain

Yoga Teachers and Therapists

are on the Front line of this challenging health issue

People keep turning up at your door!

You have an important role to play! 

Join me in this powerful Training Program


specialised in Chronic neuromuscular skeletal pain and its underlying psychological and spiritual barriers to Healing


Build a successful Therapeutic Practice

With the impact 

and the revenue to match

"Chronic Pain is one of the most pervasive, misunderstood and under-serviced health issues in the world today"


1.7 Billion*

* WHO (World Health Organisation)

People worldwide suffer from unresolved chronic back pain, joint and nerve pain and they are eagerly waiting for a new, science-based holistic approach that can free them from addictive painkillers, anxiety, and depression and give them the tools to move again with confidence


If you are reading this page,  you have probably realised that High-impact chronic neuromuscular-skeletal Pain presents a new challenge that doesn’t fall into the current

symptoms-focused health paradigm. 

When science tells us that there is no identifiable cause of pain 


That it is impossible to identify the cause of pain


We haven't been able to figure it out within the current health paradigm

and its associated level of mind 

NEW BACKGROUND alice standing assessment  FULL_.png

"With chronic pain, we need to go beyond symptoms-focussed interventions


Body, Mind and our Environment are all concerned!

It is the trilogy of all human experiences and we need to give it the science it deserves

"We need to look at the entire person experiencing the pain rather than just the Pain experienced by that person" Sylviane James



The Biomechanics of Beliefs™
Training Program

10 days Immersive Retreat + 6 months online coaching

You will learn

 to unravel postural and neuromuscular skeletal dysfunctions encoded by years of unconscious physical and psychological stress patterns at the root of chronic pain. 



This powerful training integrates every aspect of the human experience. Body mind spirit and environment are all concerned. We’ll work together to identify and eliminate the physical and psychological challenges that act as barriers to healing.

We never lose sight of Life intelligence and spiritual wisdom

I will provide innovative insights, and equip you with robust Physical and Psychological step-by-step assessment protocols and healing techniques to match.

By the end of this course,


you will be able to assess postural and biomechanical dysfunctions and identify the underlying  psychological stress factors and belief systems encoded in protective neuromuscular patterns and acting as barriers to healing I

No stones will be left unturned


The human posture is more than the alignment 

of our joints, the working of our muscles and our nerves! Through the stress response, our posture tells the stories of our experiences, successes and failures.  It provides information about your sex, status, self-image, attitudes and emotional states. It embodies past physical and psychological traumas...


This course is ideal for those on 

the front line of this challenging health issue

  • Yoga Teachers with a minimum of 5 years experience or equivalent 

  • Yoga Therapists 

  • Physical Therapists

  • Health Professionalswelcome


If you are a Yoga Teacher and a Therapist


You know that

Yoga is regarded as the safest exercise option by many Health Professionals and meditation is a powerful solution to psychological stress.  Yet when it comes to persistent neuromuscular skeletal pain, 

The reality is different

In fact, Yoga can perpetuate existing physical dysfunctions, and unresolved injuries and may even create new ones.

Many Yoga Teachers wonder if they should refer

Current training methodologies do not prepare them to face the reality of persistent neuromuscular skeletal pain. Understanding and addressing the complexities of these challenging physical and psychological conditions requires specific training.



We'd love to have you onboard

You will join a community of dedicated and visionary Teachers who see the opportunity for Yoga to become a valid and respected solution for Chronic Neuromuscular skeletal pain

 You'll be trained by an expert with a lifetime of experience and a personal story that is the very foundation for this training


Yoga Group

You will outstrip current methods.

And You can expect

  • Fundamental Transformation

  • Massive Impact

  • Science-based step by step protocols

  • A Thriving Therapeutic Practice

  • And the revenue to match

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Meet Sylviane

"The Woman who can take the thorn out of the Lion's Paw"

Teacher, Trainer and Lecturer, Sylviane is the founder of the

"Sylviane James Institute" for Integrative Postural Therapy and the creator of the Biomechanics of Belief™ Training Program 


With 30 years of experience and a solid background in Neuromuscular-skeletal assessment, remedial, psychosomatic Therapies, Joint mobilisation and rehabilitation,   Sylviane's approach to healing chronic pain also integrates powerful mind interventions. She is a life and health coach and a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her values are deeply rooted in years of Iyengar Yoga Training and more than 25 years of teaching and mentoring Yoga Teachers and Therapists. 


Sylviane has worked with celebrities, such as Michael Jackson's dancers and Tour manager, high-performance athletes, UN delegates, Doctors and Health practitioners at the top of their game, Yoga Teachers and people worldwide.

Her journey to becoming the expert she is today took a unique path when she faced severe spinal injuries...

Life has a way towards healing

All living organisms will spontaneously reorganise itself toward Health and wholeness when enough of the right kind of information becomes available.

My Job!



is to make sure you

Access, Understand and Process

this information

This is not
your average training

The Biomechanics of BeliefsTM

Course outline 

The 3-Steps
to heal High-impact Chronic pain

of the neuromuscular skeletal system

Performing Art Class


The moments will fly by and

the impact will be lasting and deep



to unravel postural and neuromuscular skeletal 

dysfunctions  encoded by years of unconscious

physical and psychological

stress patterns at the root of chronic pain.

Gathering the information

The “detective” skills

"Your treatment is as good as your assessment”

Translating the information

The Processing skills

Reframing the information

Become a catalyst for healing.

This proven method is a hybrid of the world’s best practices in neuromuscular, postural and psychological interventions.