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Welcome to
The Healing
Inner circle

A Powerful Membership designed

for people living with chronic back pain*

*and other neuromuscular pains 


Maybe you have been braving this complex and challenging health issue for years!
And  sometimes you feel 
you are doing it on your own

I get you!

And I want to help you... because I can

Dealing with a constant tug of war between what you want to do

and what you can do, is frustrating at best, 


Most of us don't think twice about 

Going to play sports, walking the dog, gardening, go on a trekking holiday, sit in a car or a plane, go to work, go dancing, having sex, play with your kids...


But for those living with Chronic musculoskeletal pain,  life is not that easy.

How to move, sit or lay down without pain is what occupies your mind. Possibilities become extremely limited unless you take addictive medication

and you need to redefine your life. 


   I 've been There! 

 Both as the Client and the Therapist 

Today I have healed myself  and I have helped hundreds of people worldwide,

 My mission is to help you

get a new lease on Life so you can thrive again.

Do you feel?

  • Anxious, depressed, hopeless, powerless 

  • You can’t work anymore 

  • Or your work stagnates in the grip of pain and you can't even dream of a better position, 

  • You take too many days off, 

  • Pain medication is addictive and a big concern but what else? You need to live

  • Your family life is no refuge, 

  • Your sex life is more of an obstacle course, 

  • Going shopping for the fun of it is a thing of the past, 

  • Playing with your children is scary in fact having them running around you mindlessly makes you tense

  • You either yell at them, run away in tears, or just freeze in fear. 

  • Being invited to a party demands serious consideration. 2 hours laying down before, a couple of pain killers and 2 hours after to recuperate., 

  • You had to abandon your favourite sport, 

  • And if you are a high-level athlete you think it might be time to hang up the gloves. 

  • Walking with your friends, let alone trekking demands painkillers and all sorts of braces.

  •  Sitting down at your desk is torture, standing up is worse and sometimes, you come so defeated that you tell me that life is not worse living

The reason why you are still in pain, confused, anxious or depressed is because you haven't been given the right information yet!

The Healing Inner Circle

is different 

 You won't find regurgitated information from people who don't have

a long track record of client success.

 I'm known for helping my clients drastically cut down their time in therapy


"Most of my clients have been seeking real results, that do not involve months or even years of Therapy! They wanted an approach that is profoundly transformative"

What you need is a roadmap and  specific guidance from a trained professional that has proven time and time again to propel her clients forward on their healing journey. 



Over the last 30 years, as a mind-body expert, neuromuscular skeletal and rehabilitation specialist, licensed clinical Hypnotherapist, life coaching and senior Yoga teacher, I've dedicated my life to helping people with complex Chronic physical pain encoded by years of dysfunctional postural and biomechanics habits and unconscious psychological stress and  limiting beliefs.

Yes! Our body and our mind are intimately linked.

Your posture is more than the alignment of our spine and joints and the working of our muscles, it is the embodiment of our mindset through the nervous system. It tells our life stories, successes and failures, traumas and beliefs.

I have worked with clients from all walks of life

High performance Athletes, celebrities like Michale Jackson's dancers, UN officials, Doctors, Chiropractors, Yoga Students and Teachers and the public at large in Australia and Overseas. 


I'd love to share what's worked with my clients with you all so that you can  

heal and reclaim your life, move again with confidence...

walk your dog or start the career of your dreams!


Let's do this! 

Portrait grey pink gentle smile_Q7A4639_edited_edited.jpg

Join me in the Healing Inner Circle

 I have walked the path, I have climbed similar mountains as yours.  Healing was a marathon of the body and the mind 

But Today I have the roadmap you need

We will smash conventional paradigms, we will dig deep, redefine pain, the human posture and its biomechanics. we will look at how the mind shapes the body and the body shapes the mind.  We will look through the lens of Evolution and we will never lose sight of Life Intelligence and what it is telling us.

Here is what you get when you sign up



The  Live masterclasses deliver new insights and tools and encourage deep self-reflection.

I wish to cultivate a regular personal growth routine together with sound physical habits. 



 You will be in a safe space to share your stories, for real-time feedback. I will make sure 

you gain clarity and make adjustments in order to stay on track in your healing journey.


Live Workshops and Group Hypnotherapy will be announced on your Dashboard on a regular basis. Stay tuned!



($3500 VALUE)

Pre-recorded self-hypnosis audios and short courses. More will be uploaded on a regular basis so you have access to new information, stories, and case studies that can support you on your journey

10% OFF

Private Coaching, Consultations and Programs with Sylviane

Online course library.jpg



Being part of this safe and private community means you'll be surrounded by like-minded people who are also committed

to self-transformation to become the best version of yourself and get the New lease on Life that you deserve.



Join today for a fraction of the price starting at$37/month


(Get 1 or 3 months free when you choose the 6 or 12-month subscription)




  • (all prices are in USD)

  • * No renewal commitment, cancel anytime  (conditions apply)

  •  Lock in your discount on the 6 and 12-month plans today    

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 I  understand that the subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription period. If i do not wish to renew the subscription, i must notify the institute by email at at least 7 days before the end of the subscription period

When you become a Subscriber you confirm that i have read and agree to the Membership terms and conditions

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